Intentional Innovation


The Difference Starts With Design

We’re on a mission to elevate the experience of owning and operating utility trucks. When we set out to re-invent the utility truck, we knew our trucks not only had to compete against the options currently available on the market, but our trucks had to be better. In order to achieve that, our award-winning heavy duty vehicle design team went to work. We started from the ground up re-inventing what a utility truck could be. Ring-Co trucks are different from the inside out.


Operator-focused, Owner-approved

When you understand what it’s like to spend an entire shift inside a spotter truck, you know the experience just isn’t that great. That’s where we come in. We designed our spotter trucks with the operator in mind. We spent countless hours designing the cab of the truck to make sure everything is exactly where it’s supposed to be. From premium HVAC to document storage that keeps you from fumbling around, we designed our spotter trucks around the needs of the people who spend the most time in them.
A Better Operator Experience Leads To Higher Employee Engagement and Efficiency