Intentional Innovation


Tricia Ringer, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, is an energetic voice that speaks life and encouragement into the lives of people and organization. As an experienced entrepreneur, she knows and understands what it takes to develop a successful business. Tricia is a lifelong learner, able to adapt in any circumstance. She is highly capable and adept with sales and marketing concepts, plan and strategies. As an owner of Ring-Co LLC, Tricia makes sure everyone is on the same page while encouraging and motivating the team toward excellence in all areas.

Tricia excels in both personal and large group communication. Tricia has direct experience creating and customizing content that people of all levels and abilities can understand. She implements cultural understanding of organizations, keeps an eye toward diversity in the workplace, and is passionate about building a great team. With a background in Spanish and Secondary Education, Tricia specializes in guidance and training with an emphasis on bilingual/bicultural situations.

Ring-Co delivers intentional innovation to the world through our digital, mobile, transit, and consulting products and services.