Intentional Innovation


In Under 60 Seconds

Weighs appx. 20 lbs
Weatherproof Display
Up to 4 hours Continuous Use
Mobile App Controls
Withstands Winds of up to 30 MPH
36″ Footprint when Deployed
Display is 12″ x 18″

Lightweight Portability

Compact enough to carry in your trunk. Strong enough to stay put. When you need a signaling solution, you need it fast. The Rapid Deployment Display is designed for ultimate portability and ease of use. It weighs in at approximately 20 pounds and collapses to fit in a 12″ x 18″ x 7″ space. When deployed, the strong aluminum frame and weatherproof display stands over five feet tall and has a footprint of 36″.

Mobile App Control

One person now has the ability to control traffic for an entire intersection.The Rapid Deployment Display gives you total control over the situation at hand. Our signaling solution is controlled with an iOS or Android App that works via Bluetooth to display messages on the LED Display. The Bluetooth range  reaches 300 feet per unit, and when four units are networked together, you can cover 1400 feet.

Smart Design

Sometimes you need minutes. Sometimes you need hours.

The Rapid Deployment Display has a power solution unlike any other. Five high-capacity NiMH batteries are housed within each of the four legs, similar to a flashlight. With a total of twenty rechargeable batteries, the system is capable of up to four continuous hours of operation before needing recharged.